Glen, Macclenny and county government boards

Apartment complex plan awaits annexation vote

The first non-government subsidized multifamily housing development in decades could join Macclenny’s landscape next year if city commissioners approve the annexation of a nearly 10-acre site on the edge of the city’s central business district north of Interstate 10 next month.

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Requests exception for trucks

Baker Business Center in Macclenny already offers an array of services including custom printing, copying, graphic design, packing and shipping for Federal Express, United Parcel Service, United States Postal Service and DHL Express. Soon the locally owned company will expand its operations even further.

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Macclenny budget with park amenities nearly final

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas children and young adults in Macclenny will have access to something for the first time ever at Memorial Park: basketball and tennis courts. Funding for the new recreational amenities is included in the city’s proposed $13.2 million budget tentatively approved by the city commission late Monday afternoon in the first of two required public hearings.

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Homeowners in paving ‘gap’ not too happy

One resident called the county’s current plan to repave about two-thirds of Reid Stafford Road “ridiculous.” Another described it as “terrible.” Why? Because those residents — Rodney Page and Johnathan Gipson — both live on a roughly 2-mile middle section of the roughly 6-mile county roadway not slated for paving because one property owner has refused to give up the …

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