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Letter: What about soccer?

Dear Editor:

Part of the story [in last week’s edition regarding the Macclenny city commission’s budgeting of $150,000 for new basketball and tennis courts at Memorial Park] should be the decision to kick off 100 children that play soccer on this field who have used this field as their soccer field for two years and will now have nowhere else to play.

Why did they not build these courts on one of the many baseball fields instead of taking away the only soccer field in the county?

A regulation soccer field is basically the same size as a football field. Most every high school in the entire country plays high school soccer on the high school football field. For some reason, Baker County is one of the few counties that does not allow high school soccer to play on the high school football field. They allow little league football to play on the football field though! Why not soccer? It is what most other counties allow. Why allow [youth] football but not soccer?

As it pertains to the children’s travel soccer teams in the county, a regulation soccer field fits in that Duck Pond field (albeit it takes up the entire space) and the city has allowed it to be used as the home soccer field for those travel soccer teams. Without a Baker County regulation-size home soccer field, Baker County is not allowed to field any teams in the league.

Apparently Macclenny has decided to not allow the kids to have a travel league anymore. With this decision, they effectively canceled an entire travel soccer program in the county and didn’t even have the decency to inform the kids. That’s wrong. If you are eliminating an entire organized sport in the county after you’ve allowed it to be started just two years earlier, have the decency to tell the kids yourself instead of just allowing them to find out through a story in the paper.

Chas Rowland

Glen Baptist Church lead pastor

Macclenny, FL

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