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Letter: Thanks county judge

Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago I listened to the candidates seeking office in a program sponsored by The Press and I was stunned when Miss Harvey railed out about the judge in her bid for re-election, “blaming him” for her having an opponent.

I say that because a few years I had to appear in court before Judge Joey Williams. Outside of having to sit through a cattle call of cases, it was refreshing to see a judge take the time and effort to handle each case with care and genuine concern for the people appearing before him. His words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement made me, and I am sure many others, feel like we not only had our day in court, but we left with a fair and impartial outcome.

I didn’t get the opportunity to personally thank him that day, but I want to go on record to express my heartfelt appreciation to Judge Joey for taking the time to explain why he came to a reasonable and equitable disposition in my case.

I know he has served the citizens of Baker County for many years, but I hope he won’t let what Miss Stacie said lead him to retire because the world needs more judges like him.

Marie Johns

Glen St. Mary

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