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Letter: Painful thievery from daughter’s grave

Dear Editor:

My wife and I lost our daughter to a drug overdose just before Christmas in 2016. I found her early that awful morning and knew I would have to tell my wife before the authorities arrived. She was devastated.

It was also devastating to have people come into our home and removed our daughter and ask very hard questions. We buried her at Macedonia Cemetery and placed a small cross below her grave marker that read “For part of us went with you the day God called you home.”

My wife also constructed a bench with a dragonfly on the seat; this was very personal to us and brought us peace.

Now someone has decided to take the cross from the grave, and also disturbed a miniature “Supergirl” figure that I placed there in memory of when she was a little girl and pretended to be Supergirl when I’d take her in my arms at bedtime and “fly” her to bed.

Whoever took the cross caused my wife and I to relive the grief we have been feeling since her death. We found a replacement cross to place on the grave.

We have always attempted to find the good in people, then we are faced with a person who would do this. I hope that person finds peace in the decision they made that day.

This incident will always be a reminder of how selfish some people are and how utterly evil this was.

Terry Holcomb


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