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Daily Archives: August 14, 2013

The fleeting ‘hipness’ of older age

I have lost my hipness.

I once thought I was relatively hip. In fact, many of my students were amazed that I listened to – or at least knew – some of the bands they liked.

That is still the case in many respects. You can still find some pretty hip stuff on my iPod, but as a general rule my hipness left with my eyesight and good knees. I am now a bifocal wearing, arthritic non-hipster.

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School officials: we’ll get grades up

To end a somewhat lively school board meeting last week that broke into a happy birthday song at one point, officials railed against the state’s school grading formula and pledged to do whatever it takes to boost marks next year.

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School board’s Davis will vacate seat



When Baker County schools open later this month there will be some new faces on local campuses and some old faces will takeover new roles within the school system.

At the top — the school board — first-term member Jesse Davis is preparing to move his family to Atlanta following his promotion within Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Co. He started the new job August 1.

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RR crossings in Glen, Margaretta closing for repairs

The railroad crossings at George Taber Blvd. in Glen St. Mary and Gilford David Rd. in Margaretta will be closed for track and tie replacement starting the week of August 20.

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