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Private rescue billing on table; Croft again hints at privatizing EMS

As part of its lengthy agenda last week the Baker County Commission once again discussed hiring a private firm to manage billing and collections for the county’s Emergency Medical Services department.

The EMS department has been running an operational deficit for some time, partly due to unpaid bills generated by patients transported to hospitals by county ambulances.

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Her forte: motivating ‘at-risk’ students

Tanyia Rowan, Ed.D

Tanyia Rowan, Ed.D

Kindergarten teacher Tanyia Rowan says there’s basically two keys to ensuring at-risk students eventually graduate from high school: showing them you care and holding them to high expectations.

Other teachers may have come to similar conclusions anecdotally, but Ms. Rowan, whose taught kindergarten for the last 14 years, has the research to back it up.

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Why do people bother me with Facebook games?

Bing. PrincessLeia66 needs you to gift her a grain silo in Farmville.

Shamaramalama Level 26 needs you to gift her a Grecian Statue in Gardens of Time.

Michelleboinkadoink is stuck on Level 12 of Pet Rescue and needs your help to get Fluffy the Cat out of a tree.

Who are these people and why are they bothering me?

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