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Burglary at locked yard shed

A lock was removed on a storage shed at a residence southwest of Macclenny between July 5-7 and equipment valued at $750 taken.
The theft was reported by Christy Proctor, daughter of victim Connie Hollingsworth who was away at the time. The daughter told Deputy

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‘Pool hops’ at the YMCA

A Macclenny woman was arrested the afternoon of July 2 for taking a dip in the YMCA swimming pool — after scaling the locked perimeter fence.

Deputy John Minkel responded to a report about 2 pm of a female walking on the pavement on Lowder St. with a can of beer in her hand, and soon discovered that Christina Knox, 29, was in the pool and her clothing matched the description given by the dispatcher.

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Brothers beat man for abusing sister

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Macclenny man for battery on his wife at a Sanderson address on July 1, then placed the victim’s two brothers in jail for beating the husband at his residence on Ben Rowe Circle.

Quentin Griffis, 32, told Deputy Earl Lord that Elmo Davis, 28, of Jacksonville and Ethan Davis, 21, of Sanderson came to his residence about 6 pm, slammed him up against a vehicle and struck him in the face before a witness intervened.

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Drug arrests in motel parking lot

Deputies made two drug-related arrests in the parking lot of the Travelodge on South 6th near Interstate 10 on successive days during the past week. Both involved persons seated in suspicious vehicles.

In the first incident, Deputy Jeremiah Combs said he arrested Toni Rainey, 33, of Macclenny early on July 4 for possessing a small amount of marijuana. She was a passenger in a van that police said had been altered because Ms. Rainey apparently left her belongings in a bar earlier and there was concern for her well-being.

That arrest took place at 1:35 am after the deputy noted a baggie lying on the ground near the passenger side door.

• The second arrest involved David Crews, 25, of Hilliard, who was seated in a 2005 Kia reported as a suspicious vehicle the evening of July 5.

Deputy Marc Heath said Mr. Crews was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech when questioned, and had a baggie of synthetic marijuana on the passenger seat. He was also found to have a glass smoking pipe in a pocket.

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