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‘Strong’ testimony of faith

Strength-Team's-Zeb-Bishop-breaks-baseball-bat-over-his-spineJoel Addington
News Editor
Two members of the Montana-based Strength Team showed off their physical and spiritual power at Baker County High School last week.
Zeb Bishop, a Citrus County, Fla. native, broke a wooden bat and Andy Gavin from Milwakee, Wisconsin ripped apart a phone book before a packed crowd of students at the BCHS gymnasium the afternoon of November 6.
Mr. Bishop got a helping hand from a student who identified himself as Valdez, who attempted to snap the bat over his leg. It didn’t break, but it cracked.
“I’m proud of you man. Give him a hand,” said Mr. Gavin as the crowd applauded. “It takes about 400 pounds of pressure to snap a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, so he was almost there.”
Mr. Bishop, who stands 6-feet-5 and weighs 325 punds, soon finished the job by breaking the bat across his spine, pulling either end forward in the crease of his elbows, reportedly the most difficult way to snap a bat, Mr. Gavin said.
But in between these feats of strength, Mr. Gavin talked about the strength he pulls from his faith in Jesus Christ and how that bond can buoy you during tragedy.many-in-the-audience-held-signs-showing-their-support-for-sara-beth-summers
He was referring to the injury of high school teacher Sara Beth Summers, who is now rehabbing in an Altanta hospital after suffering a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones in a vehicle accident on the interstate October 1.
The audience was littered with signs supporting her, including a large banner reading: “We [heart] Sara Beth.”
Faculty in the school’s English department spent the previous week raising money to support her recovery through a coin-drive competition among classes. More than $1300 was collected, said teacher Joy Helms.
The performance by the Strength Team members, who invited students to their full show that evening at First Baptist of Glen, marked the end of the drive.
The winning class was announced at the opening of the event and Sara Beth thanked them personally over a speakerphone.
The assembly was hosted by the school’s Christian Fellowship Club.

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