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Daily Archives: November 14, 2013

Dual enrollment price break

Students dual enrolled at Florida Gateway College and Baker County High School to earn college credits before graduation won’t cost the school district quite as much as officials had anticipated a month or so ago.
Gateway College recently announced it would grant tuition and text book discounts for dual enrolled high school students from Columbia, Baker, Dixie, Gilchrist and Union counties.
The move was in response to concerns expressed by school district officials after Florida lawmakers this year removed tuition exemptions for students enrolled in high school and community colleges statewide, an exemption that previously had left districts only the expense for textbooks. Read More »

Disgusted at Porter’s opposition

Dear Editor:
As a southerner, born and raised in the State of South Carolina and a direct descendant of Confederate veterans who counts Confederate Brigadier Generals George and Gabriel Rains as family I must express my deep disgust and displeasure with State Representative Elizabeth Porter’s opposition to a Union memorial at the Olustee battlefield.
The United Daughters of the Confederacy notwithstanding, the men who fought and died in that battle on both sides did so in defense of their beliefs whether you and I share those beliefs or not. Read More »

Shielding our water resources

Dear Editor:
A few months ago I was in Tallahassee and Adam Putnam, the Commissioner of Agriculture, spoke on the topic of Florida’s water supply and how important preserving it was to bringing industry and manufacturing, along with preserving agriculture in the state of Florida.
As I listened to his speech I thought about the issue of sand mining  here in Baker County and our water supply. If it was damaged in some way, what that would cost us in the future with a manufacturing company or industry that could possibly  bring us hundreds of jobs in Baker County instead of the six promised. Read More »

Look for a ‘silly season’ race for governor

I am back in Florida.
I know that because when I woke up this morning I had a sinus headache and when I turned on the television I saw my first political attack ad a full year ahead of the election.
It’s exactly a year before Charlie Crist and Rick Scott square off in the governor’s race. But that doesn’t stop Scott or one of his proxies from airing an attack ad about Crist. I’m sure within a week, Crist, who just announced his candidacy, will fire back with an attack ad of his own. Read More »

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