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Daily Archives: October 30, 2014

Subdivision plan with reduced lot size approved

County commissioners approved plans for a 57-acre housing subdivision off Bob Burnsed Road north of Glen St. Mary following a public hearing on the evening of October 21. Read More »

Dobson: pot amendment ‘the worst’

Last week Sheriff Joey Dobson publicly announced his opposition to Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana in Florida, saying it is “possibly the worst constitutional amendment we’ve ever had to vote on.” Read More »

‘Shooting up’ call leads to arrest of couple

A Jacksonville man and a St. George, GA woman were arrested on the night of October 23 on multiple drug-related charges, including possession of cocaine and controlled substance without a prescription, after police received a call of a suspicious person shooting up in a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. Read More »

Sex offender check turns up weapons

A Macclenny woman was arrested on October 24 for stealing almost $400 of gas during six trips to Murphy’s Oil throughout the month of October. Read More »

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