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Puppy is left inside locked car

Police confronted a St. George, GA man in the late afternoon of July 26 for leaving a bulldog puppy inside his locked vehicle in the Walmart parking lot for an estimated two and one-half-hours.

David Lindsay Jr., 26, initially denied when queried by Deputy Trey McCullough that he was aware of the dog’s presence, and insisted the 1997 Chrysler had been there “maybe 30 minutes.”

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Beaten after he returns a wallet

Two Macclenny relatives were named in criminal complaints for felony battery for allegedly beating another man who came to their south city residence to return a wallet he found on South 6th St. the evening of July 25.

Ralph Taylor, 46, of Macclenny identified Sherric Lee, 24, from a photo line-up later that evening, said Deputy Earl Lord. The victim said he was attacked by Mr. Lee about 8 pm, after the suspect accused him of stealing the wallet.

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City comparing impact fees

The City of Macclenny is conducting a survey of area counties and municipalities to see how its current impact fees compare and if, as alleged by some contractors and developers, they stifle growth.

The review sought by City Manager Phil Rhoden grew out of a give-and-take meeting at city hall the evening of July 16 during which parties affected by the fees voiced opinions on both sides.

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