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Post-Katrina FEMA rushes into help

It’s still galling to remember how the George Bush-hating media and American Left used the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina seven years ago to club him over the head.

No one had to tell us how destructive it was, slamming with full force into the Crescent City Below Sea Level and taking over 1800 lives along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere as the storm raged inland.

Mr. Bush was following the law waiting for what turned out to be dawdling incompetents to ask for federal assistance as Katrina howled toward the coast. He eventually took control of the evacuation and relief efforts, alas too late to help thousands of people in the storm’s path.

Yet he was castigated, as was the oversight by the federal relief agency FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The late reaction was turned into a political billy club and effectively obscured from public view the timidity of local politicians and bureaucrats who had primary responsibility for the safety of their citizens.

So, if anything good can be said to come from the Katrina disaster, it’s the role of FEMA. Never again, it seems, will the federal relief agency be caught standing around when disasters hit.

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Kids flock to Easter Saturday festivities

A host of Easter weekend celebrations took place under sunny skies the morning and afternoon of April 7 at sites around the county.

Destiny People Worship Center’s Egg-stravaganza event at the Baker County Fairgrounds featured many activities for area children including pictures with the Easter Bunny as shown below with sisters Reanna (left) and Journey Green.

Another event by First Baptist Church of Glen St. Mary at Celebration Park in Glen is where the children listened to Pastor Randy Williams speak about the holiday’s Christian roots.

Reanna (left) and Journey Green with the Easter Bunny.Pastor Randy Williams leads the crowd in prayer.David Little of Little Barrels of Fun gave eager children rides on his train around the fairgrounds.Brandon Kazmierczak.See this week's print edition for more photos from the Easter Saturday activities or click here to view and order prints of all of the photos taken that day.

Incinerator data ‘generalized and vague’

Dear Editor:

I attended the April 3 county commission meeting regarding the proposed bio-hazard treatment plant and I’m concerned about this health risk coming to our hometown.

I find it very troubling that the information presented from the Integrated Waste Management Systems representatives at the meeting was very generalized and extremely vague at best. No specific information was delivered to the concerned citizens or county commissioners, which left me with grave concerns considering specific information was requested of them.

Yet, specific information was presented to the immediate property owners surrounding the planned construction site on March 29. This leads one to believe the citizens of Baker County are intentionally not being provided relevant information regarding the significant health concerns surrounding this project.

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Wildcats may send a dozen weightlifters to state

Josh Smallwood.Twelve Wildcat weightlifters qualified for spots in the selection process for the state tournament during the final sectional meet for the 1A section April 5 at BCHS.

Matanzas, Eastside, Palatka, Pedro Menendez, Keystone, Santa Fe, Bradford, Union, Fort White, Oak Hall and Baker County competed for slots in the state tournament. Lifters who placed in the top four qualified for a chance to go to state.

Coach Scott McDonald explained the way that lifters were chosen for the tournament: “The first place finisher gets the automatic bid to the state meet. The other lifters placing in the top four have their totals put in a pool with the other sections around the state to see if they are one of the top ten totals left in their weight class from around the state to get a bid to the state meet. Hopefully we will get that list by the end of the day today. I am looking for us to send 9 or 10 to the state meet.”

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