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Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Local business first

Dear Editor:

I feel compelled to write in response to the Reader Sparked column in last week’s edition.

I am the mother who wrote the question as to why the high school continues to use Cady & Cady Studios for [Baker High] yearbook photos. Myself and others have used them in the past because we thought we had to. I found this company to be unprofessional and very expensive when my son graduated in 2009.

We all want local business to support our athletes, FFA programs, band and other school functions. It makes you feel like a hypocrite to ask local merchants to support these endeavors when we as parents won’t stand up and say, when possible, keep our spending local to help support the local economy that we depend on to support our youth programs. That makes a lot more sense than sending it to other counties for a shoddy job.

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Melon madness: You can’t fool Mother Nature

An article in last week's Baker County Press highlighted local kids growing some humongous cabbages for a classroom project sponsored by Bonnie Plants nursery in Alabama.

They can compete for growing a prize winning cabbage and maybe get their photo on the nursery’s website.

And they haven't been the only ones out there striving for mega-sized items from the garden.

Twenty farmers in Japan recently got an unexpected surprise by trying to rush melons to maturity to reap the profits. Seems the farmers got a little overzealous in dousing their crops with an accelerated growth hormone. What they ended up harvesting were not super-sized fruits but a super-sized mess.

The melons turned into organic land mines and literally started exploding on the vines.

The incident underscores a basic and fundamentally important component of plant biotechnology: It’s a good idea to read the instructions on the label.

The farmers used a tongue-twisting chemical spray known as forchlorfenuron (say that rapidly 10 times in a row). This plant growth accelerator is typically used in the United States on grapes and kiwi fruit (bet you didn’t know that, did you?) and is not meant for larger fruits like melons.

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‘Red’ Maloy, 77, of Macclenny dies

James LaFayette “Red” Mal­­oy, 77, died at his home in Macclenny on May 25, 2011. He was born May 19, 1934 in Samson, Ala. James, affectionately known as “Pa” by the many children he helped raise, moved to Jacksonville as a young boy with his family. After leaving Landon High School in the early 1950’s he began a lengthy career as an industrial welder in bridge construction and steel fabrication, working for such companies as Duval Engineering and Florida Machine and Foundry in Jacksonville and Mobile Pulley Works in Alabama.

A hard working man his entire life, James enjoyed going to work long before sunrise and didn’t mind working until late at night. When he wasn’t working or spending time with family, he also enjoyed fishing on the banks of his beloved Santa Fe River near Branford, playing gin rummy for hours with his wife, hunting in North Florida and Alabama, and riding his bicycle collecting aluminum cans and other scrap metal to sell.


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Frances Crockett, 81, dies May 24

Frances Ware Crockett, 81, of Macclenny died May 24, 2011. She was born to Harry and Lottie Roberts Ware on May 7, 1930. She was preceded in death by step-father Ray Phillips. Mrs. Crockett was a devoted and loving wife and mother. She also loved all of her grandchildren.

Survivors include her husband of 62 years, W.J. “Billy” Crockett, Sr.; daughter Veatrice “Vicki” Crockett; sons W.J. Crockett, Jr. and Boynton (Alana) Crockett; sister Virginia Ware Carroll of Jacksonville; grandchildren Tammy (Willi­am) Hines, Carmie McInarnay, Billy Crockett III, Marci Crawford, Charles Highsmith; nine great-grandchildren; several niec­­es and nephews.

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