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Was Anthony verdict really a miscarriage?

Indulge me, please, in yet another take on the Casey Anthony case to add to the hundreds you’ve already read and heard in the print and electronic media.

Last week’s verdict, absent of the widespread outrage that Ms. Anthony is indeed responsible for the death of her child, has great value as a lesson in our system of jurisprudence.

The raw emotion brought forth by the real-life tragedy conditioned a large portion of the American public to assume Ms. Anthony’s guilt, and subsequently, the jury’s “obligation” to affirm that guilt.

It didn’t happen that way, and for a reason.

People are confusing their instincts about her culpability with what the state of Florida — and all other 49 states — requires to render a guilty verdict.

The state never connected her directly to Caylee’s body and never firmly established a motive. That leaves the door wide open to “beyond and to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt.”

The jury walked right through that door.

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Baker County Commission April 18 agenda


Monday – April 18, 2011


I. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

II Presentation of Amendment to the Agenda (if any)

III.            Approval of Regular Agenda

IV. Approval of Consent Agenda Items

1. Expenditure Report

2. Approval of Minutes April 5, 2011

V. Committee Reports or Items

VI. Constitutional Officers

VII. Persons Wishing to Appear

1. James Bennett/List of Priority Transportation Projects (LOPP)

2. Jimmy Knabb/CSX Railroad Crossing

3. Wanda Walker/Youth Future Now

VIII. County Manager

1. Presentation to Herb Hicks/Veteran Service Officer

2. Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy

3. Approval of SHIP LHAP (Local Housing Assistance Plan)

For  FY2011-12/Resolution 2011-04

4. Bid Results for Southern States Nursery Road

IX. Commission Comments

X. County Attorney Comments

XI. Persons wishing to appear who are not on the agenda (limit 3 minutes)

XII. Adjourn


1. Ordinance 2011-02 Adoption of EAR-Based Amendments

2. Ordinance 2011-03 Bed Tax Ordinance

June/July Small Business Ad
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