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Daily Archives: June 27, 2013

Shoplifter is packing taser

The sheriff’s department charged a Hamilton County teen with attempted aggravated battery for aiming a stun gun at the head and neck of a Walmart security worker detaining him for shoplifting.

The incident occurred at the Macclenny store in the early afternoon of June 19.

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In traffic mishap with eight suspensions

A Macclenny man involved in a minor parking lot accident the morning of June 17 was charged with being behind the wheel with eight prior license suspensions.

Timothy Carter, 28, was identified by a witness as the driver of a 1994 Buick that crashed through a fence line and onto a curb at Walgreens Pharmacy on South 6th St. shortly after 9 am. When Deputy John Minkel arrived on the scene, he said Mr. Carter was attempting to lift the vehicle away from the curb while Alonzo Carter, 60, was seated behind the wheel.

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County hires fire chief

The county’s newly hired fire chief, Steve Marfongella (at right above) started this week following an introduction to county commissioners and constitutional officers on June 18.

He’s pictured with former fire chief Richard Dolan, who retired recently. Before taking the post, Mr. Marfongella was a teacher in the Lee County school district’s fire program.

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Teachers training to boost student FCAT writing scores

Scores on state FCAT writing exams have plummeted in Baker County classrooms, including sharp drops this year by eighth graders, since the state began raising proficiency standards two years ago.

Only 65 percent of the county’s 10th graders passed the test this spring, which was considerably better than the 41 percent of eighth graders, who fell 10 percent from the previous year. Fourth graders at Keller Intermediate, meanwhile, improved 3 percent but still had only 41 percent of students score proficient in writing.

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