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Drug possession arrests

County deputies and investigators made three arrests and filed one criminal complaint for drug possession the past week, all the result of traffic stops.

Investigators Matt Hauge and Matt Yarborough said they stopped a suspicious vehicle on Geitgey Ave. at Lincoln in Glen St. Mary about 10 pm on June 5 after earlier seeing the 1997 Toyota parked in the middle of the roadway.

Passenger Justin Pearce, 29, of Macclenny appeared to be shuffling his feet on the floorboard, said Investigator Yarborough, and when he was asked to exit the vehicle the officer found loose marijuana, a hypodermic needle and rolling papers.

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Employed will have edge in Section 8 funding

Late last month the Baker County Commission  amended the county’s housing assistance plan to accomplish two ends — reduce the number of unemployed people in the Section 8 housing assistance program and ensure the federal government will fund it through the end of the year.

For the Baker County Housing Authority to continue supplying Section 8 housing vouchers to some 100 beneficiaries, about 20 of whom have little or no monthly income, the commission needed to revise the plan to include a policy regarding the termination of assistance should funding fall short, explained Lynne Walker, executive director of the program.

The Section 8  program supplements the rent of low-income individuals living in privately-owned housing. For instance, a single mother of two earning $10,400 annually could pay about $136 in monthly rent while the program paid the remaining portion of her rent, which must be within 10 percent of the fair market rent for the area.

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Shoplifts auto parts, necklace from store

A Sanderson woman was arrested at the Macclenny Walmart the afternoon of June 3 after she attempted to leave the store without paying for several auto parts, a necklace and health and beauty items.

Deputy Marc Heath interviewed Tammy Pecor, 35, after she was detained about 2:30 by a store security worker who witnessed her place the items valued at $63 in her purse.

Ms. Pecor was also charged with resisting the employee by shoving him in an attempt to get past him when confronted.

In another theft, this one at Baker County Middle School prior to the dismissal of classes last week, a criminal complaint was filed naming a 14-year-old female student for stealing a $450 phone from another student.
The victim reported the phone was taken from a bag in the school auditorium about midday.

Kinks in ‘unresolved issues’ follow-up

County Manager C.J. Thompson and his bosses, five county commissioners, are still trying to iron out wrinkles in a new policy implemented a few months ago to keep everyone informed on the status of unresolved issues.

The new procedures, initiated at the request of Commissioner James Croft in March, call on the county manager to continually update the board on projects or issues commissioners have expressed an interest in pursuing but which have not yet been finalized.

But sometimes what commissioners have in mind may not necessarily be how the county manager interpreted their comments, which is why Mr. Thompson asked board members at the June 4 regular meeting to clearly explain their desires and expectations.

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