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Kudos for approving zip line park idea

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve heard from adults and children alike about Baker County is its lack of fun, family-friendly activities.

It usually sounds something like this: “Why don’t we have a movie theatre or a bowling alley? It’s no wonder our kids get into mischief, there’s no skating rink or go-karts.”

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Uninsured small business owners take a wait-and-see approach to ‘Obamacare’

When Anthony Bennett and his wife Catherine (pictured above) started a restaurant in Macclenny eight years ago, health insurance was not something they talked about.

“It did not even occur to us,” Mr. Bennett recalled. “We never really ever went to the doctor.”

They were in their 30s and healthy and their two children had affordable coverage through Florida KidCare, a government subsidized program for modest income families. Plus, health insurance rates on the private market were too high, said Mr. Bennett, 44.

That could change later this year when a federal  healthcare exchange, known as the Healthcare Marketplace, launches in October and begins selling private plans to uninsured Floridians, some of whom will be eligible for federal subsidies to buy coverage.

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$50.8M in spending, tax cut proposed by school district staff

Taxpayers, students, teachers and administrators all could be winners if the Baker County school district’s tentative budget remains largely unchanged.

Though still in draft form, the $50.8 million spending plan for the 2013-14 fiscal year was unveiled by school district finance chief Marcelle Richardson the afternoon of July 15.

Mrs. Richardson began her presentation before the school board with a warning, however, saying, “This (the budget) will change.”

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Swerving truck’s driver arrested for DUI

A woman reported to police by other motorists for reckless driving in the vicinity of Glen St. Mary the afternoon of July 10 was arrested for drunk driving and named in a complaint for possession of two kinds of controlled drugs.

Deputy Matt Riegel said he got behind a 2000 Ford dual-axle pickup driven by Vicky Singleton, 55, of Glen based on earlier descriptions and observed it southbound on CR 125, where the pickup veered onto the right shoulder several times, then across the center line.

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