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Initial deficit in ‘15 budget $2 million

Baker County commissioners are facing the familiar task of filling a gaping hole in a new annual budget. Preparing the 2014-15 spending plan began last week like so many others -— with insufficient funds to meet anticipated expenses. Read More »

Cruise ship experience a bit varied from past

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a cruise to the Bahamas and I definitely noticed that things have changed, both in me and the cruising industry in general.

Read More »

Letter: United made no contact

Dear Editor:

I have read Mr. Tim Owens’ comments [article in last week’s edition “Hike in out-of-pocket insurance cost” by Mike Anderson] in reference to Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital’s failure to execute a contract with United Healthcare so that the local school board would have this hospital in their insurance network. Read More »

County commissioners overturn their LPA to increase zoning density

County commissioners last week went against the wishes of their appointed Land Planning Agency by approving a request to rezone a one-acre residential lot to allow two half-acre lots for rental trailers at the northwest corner of Mud Lake Road and CR 125. Read More »

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