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My new eyeglasses are ‘outta sight’

Bob Gerard and his new spectacles.

Bob Gerard and his new spectacles.

I am staring at life through my new “retro” glasses.

They are new because … well, they are. They are retro because they look like a throwback to 1959. Which, of course, makes me look like a throwback to 1959.

I’m not so sure about looking like I could have hung around with Marty McFly in Back to the Future or sang with Jerry Lee Lewis’ backup band. But my wife likes them and I guess that’s what counts.

As a matter of fact, she picked out the Ray-Bans last week when I went in to see why everything was a blur out of my right eye. The reason was that I hadn’t changed out these Coke bottles in five years.

While I was getting my eyes checked, Kelley was browsing and scheming.

“Hey, Doc, how come I’m having trouble seeing at night?”

“Because you’re getting older if you haven’t noticed.”

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Oldcastle on firm ground, Jahna not so much

The Baker County Commission will now turn its attention back to whether it should approve a special exception to allow sand mining southeast of Macclenny on a 437-acre tract off SR 228.

The proposal to permit Oldcastle Southern Group of Tampa was tabled last year pending issuance of permits by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, a process now complete. The state says it’s okay and the question now rebounds back to two local boards: the Land Planning Agency and the commission.

Thanks to some creative problem solving, the matter of drawing out water from the aquifer for the mining process is now mute. Oldcastle and the City of Macclenny last week entered into a half-century pact to pipe treated wastewater to the mining site.

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Man shot trying to remove live round

A Jacksonville man accidentally shot himself the evening of June 11 while attempting to eject a live round from the chamber of a handgun at his girlfriend’s residence in Glen St. Mary.

George Allen Washington, 27, was flown to the hospital by helicopter shortly after the 6:30 pm shooting.

The victim sustained a single gunshot wound from a 9mm pistol that went through the palm of his hand and into his upper thigh, according to Deputy Koty Crews’ report of the incident.

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Arrest for vehicle burglary at Steel Bridge boat ramp

Police arrested a Macclenny man for entering a vehicle parked at the Boy Scout Landing on the St. Mary’s River the afternoon of June 12 and taking cash and prescription medication.

Jimmy Morgan, 59, was stopped on Steel Bridge Rd. shortly after the 4:15 pm incident based on a description of his Ford pickup given by Robert Force of Glen St. Mary, an acquaintance of victim Tiffany Barton of Macclenny.

Mr. Force told Deputy Earl Lord he and Ms. Barton were swimming in the river when he saw the suspect rummaging through her 1999 Ford. He confronted Mr. Morgan, who tossed $85 in cash at him saying, “Just take it” before driving off.

Sgt. Shawn Bishara took the suspect into custody and brought him back to the scene where Mr. Force identified him.
Mr. Morgan was arrested for burglary and petty theft.

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