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Learn how to have ‘simple’ fun

“You are kidding me right now. You know you just cheated. You looked at the top card before you picked it up and then picked up the discard.”

“I did not, Sara. You just think I looked at it.”

“Think? I saw you, Dylan you cheater.”

“I am not a cheater, Sara.”

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Walmart DC set the mark for ‘ideal’ industry

Walmart Distribution Center spoiled us.

The million-square foot warehouse east of Macclenny that opened in 2002 was an awakening for a “fringe” county that had limited success attracting clean, Fortune 500 industry despite the fact that it is strategically situated with five interstate exits and a mainline railroad.

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Hogs, tools are stolen from farm

Eight young hogs were among the property stolen from a farm residence west of Glen St. Mary between July 7-17.

Charlie (Bud) Davis told Deputy Jeremiah Johnson he returned to his home on Smokey Rd. near the interstate overpass to find the livestock gone, along with an inventory of tools, a chain saw and other implements. He valued the animals at $700 and the other property taken from sheds at $1115.

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