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1.5-mile Maple Set Trail on river opens in Bethea state forest

Canoe launch at north end of the trail.

Canoe launch at north end of the trail.

A new riverfront hiking trail is complete at John Bethea State Forest in north Baker County and forestry officials hope it will help to distinguish the forest from its older and larger neighbors to the west and north, the Osceola National Forest and Okeefeenokee Wildlife Refuge, respectively. Read More »

Recalls early days of drama

I was looking over some historical notes on the Baxter Rebellion that Andy Harrell’s dad Luther (the longtime extension director here) had collected. The Baxter Rebellion is a little known and best forgotten part of Baker County history that I used in my production Baker County, Fla. 1861-1961 produced as part of the county Sesquicentennial. It got me to thinking about how much the county has changed in the time that I’ve known it. Read More »

Letter: Chamber a money pit?

Dear Editor:

Our county is in dire straits financially. With an expected deficit of almost $2.5 million (Press 6/25/15) our county commissioners are facing some tough decisions.  Read More »

Lettes: Lincoln was a racist and war criminal

Dear Editor:

By the time Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, took office in March 1861, seven southern states had already seceded: South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. If South Carolina’s secession meant anything, it could not permit the federal government to maintain a military fort on its soil. Read More »

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