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Teeple: Higher wage jobs boost economy

In the world of economic development, all jobs are not created equal.

Brian Teeple, director of the Northeast Florida Regional Council, spoke to a few dozen Chamber of Commerce members the afternoon of February 2 about economic development and the differing impact that adding higher wage jobs to a community can have compared to lower wage jobs. Read More »

Allegedly rips child from truck

A Middleburg woman was named in a criminal complaint on January 31 after she allegedly damaged her ex-husband’s truck and forcefully grabbed their 1-year-old daughter from the truck before aggressively driving off. Read More »

Was asleep in vehicle with drugs

The sleeping occupant of a pickup truck parked on Glenn Williamson Rd. south of Macclenny the afternoon of January 28 was charged with possession prescription drugs and key ingredients used to cook meth, along with a syringe. Read More »

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