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ROCK Hounds: Rehabilitating discarded dogs

William Buck and Sissy.

William Buck and Sissy.

William Buck has spent the better part of the last three months training a large white pit bull with black spots named Sissy, who was rescued from Baker County Animal Control along with two other dogs by First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

Mr. Buck gets choked up when he describes the experience — how Sissy had just birthed puppies, how she was  very skinny, even at 55 pounds, when he met her. How she struggled to get up and out of her kennel. How he laid with her for the first week, rubbing her belly and feeding her from his hand. Read More »

It’s crunch time for budget trimming

Sheriff Dobson

Sheriff Dobson

The time for Baker County commissioners to stop talking about cutting budgets, as they’ve been doing for the past two months, and begin to actually make the cuts to avoid another big deficit could come as soon as next week. Read More »

Probation violator is sentenced to one year

Circuit Judge Mark Mosely sentenced repeat offender Philip Andrew Pendleton to one year and seven days in prison on July 7 after the defendant admitted to twice violating his drug offender probation. Read More »

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