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Speaks highly of BCSO cooperation

Dear Editor:

This summer I completed a sexual issues course at UNF as part of my graduate studies in clinical mental health counseling. I invited the coordinator of the rape crisis team from the Women’s Center of Jacksonville to speak with the class about how she and the team go about creating a sense of safety when intervening in sexual assaults and support of survivors.

I learned that the center also serves Baker County, and the coordinator spoke very positively about the way of sheriff’s department intervenes in these situations, and she contrasted it with law enforcement in other counties.

She said BCSO intervenes in ways that are respectful of rape survivors and demonstrates understanding of the trauma as well as in the disclosure and investigative process.

As a member of this community the past 20 years and a counselor nearing the end of clinical training, I appreciate the informed and supportive partnership that exists between our sheriff’s department and professionals who deliver services to crime victims, especially survivors of sexual assault.

The Women’s Center hotline is 904-721-7273 for support 24/7. Calls are confidential.

Jo Mamula

Glen St. Mary

Praise, not barbs for animal control

Dear Editor:

After reading the article in The Baker County Press last week concerning Baker County Animal Control, I would like to share my experience.

For nearly a decade I have had frequent interaction with Georgia Monfort and other animal control personnel, most recently Mr. Self. I regularly foster puppies for them and call for advice when I have unexpected “guests” that need to be trapped and removed from my property.

They have always been caring and kind. In fact, animals are shown for adoption at county events, including the upcoming Baker County Fair.

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‘Disconnect’ over animals’ role

Sharpen your pens, you animal rights people. You’re not going to like this.

How tiresome it’s become to witness the exaggerated fawning on the part of popular media over the animal world. The breathless accounts on the plight of the loggerhead turtles, the gallant efforts to save beached whales, the wailing over horses heading for slaughter so the French can have “horse steaks” or whatever they eat.

“Animal” stories have always been a part of news reporting. They touch an emotional cord in humans, and that is as it should be. Animals are with us here on earth, part of God’s creation. I get that.

What I don’t get is the inference that because they are part of the planet’s mix, they are somehow “equal” to humans. They are animals, to be treated humanely and, in the case of pet animals, enjoyed. I get that also.

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Rumors of Speedy’s demise greatly exaggerated

“Speedy’s dead!” my wife wailed. She was frowning and her bottom lip was sticking out.

“How do you know the turtle’s dead?” I responded from my chair while watching the Jaguars – who also looked pretty dead.

“He’s … got that dead look.”

“Maybe he’s asleep.”

“He’s underwater and his eyes are closed.”

“He’s a turtle. He’s probably asleep. Did you tap on the glass?”

“No. I didn’t want to wake him if he is asleep.”

“He’s a turtle. He’ll go back to sleep if you wake him.”

She went in the living room where Speedy the turtle lives in a converted aquarium. I heard her tapping on the glass. A few moments later she walked into the room.

“Okay. He was just sleeping. But he looked dead!”

“Rumors of Speedy’s demise are greatly exaggerated.”

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