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Shame for custody article

Dear Editor:

I was very upset after reading last week’s article Protest after sex offender awarded custody to think that, while this family is trying to get this child back to Baker County, you and Todd Ferreira would take this opportunity to make this lady (Rita Crews) look like a bad person for not paying a funeral bill.

Everybody owes somebody.

The article should have pointed out that it’s a shame no one but a handful of the approximately 26,000 people in Baker County showed up at the courthouse to protest for this poor child. Not one elected official has stood up for this family.

Shame on you all!

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Prop up farmers market

Dear Editor:

What makes a successful farmers market? We need both vendors and customers!

From the vendors’ point of view, the day starts well before market opening; preparing goods for sale, figuring out the best pricing, deciding on the proper display and getting to the market by 7:30. A good sale day would include making contact with customers and potential buyers and selling a good part or all of the stock brought for sale.

From the customer’s point a view, looking forward to going to the market to buy unique, fair priced, fresh goods that are not available elsewhere.

In today’s economy, we must be committed to buying local, to support the residents of this area. Baker County and the surrounding area are full of crafts people, farmers and nurserymen who produce high quality goods for sale.

We as members of the Farmers Market board are committed to keeping this great market open and are asking you, the community, to make the commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner, by making the market a Saturday morning destination.

Vendors come and sell! Community come and buy!

Helene Guest
Farmers Market board member

Was Anthony verdict really a miscarriage?

Indulge me, please, in yet another take on the Casey Anthony case to add to the hundreds you’ve already read and heard in the print and electronic media.

Last week’s verdict, absent of the widespread outrage that Ms. Anthony is indeed responsible for the death of her child, has great value as a lesson in our system of jurisprudence.

The raw emotion brought forth by the real-life tragedy conditioned a large portion of the American public to assume Ms. Anthony’s guilt, and subsequently, the jury’s “obligation” to affirm that guilt.

It didn’t happen that way, and for a reason.

People are confusing their instincts about her culpability with what the state of Florida — and all other 49 states — requires to render a guilty verdict.

The state never connected her directly to Caylee’s body and never firmly established a motive. That leaves the door wide open to “beyond and to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt.”

The jury walked right through that door.

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Governor sending conflicting signals

Protesters demonstrate against Rick Scott in St. Petersburg July 1.

The forecast called for rain, but there was another reason a young woman protesting Governor Rick Scott during his visit to the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg July 1 had on pink galoshes — they matched her “Pink Slip Rick” T-shirt.

The governor delivered a statement in the hotel’s banquet hall to attendees of the Florida Press Association’s annual convention, mostly reporters, editors and publishers.

He touted the 70,000-plus jobs the state’s added since he was sworn into office this year and said nothing of the 1300 jobs eliminated from the state’s payroll that day, including 70 or more at Northeast Florida State Hospital.

Then he took questions from the audience, and as Governor Scott does so often, failed to answer them.

For instance, he was asked about his office’s policy of responding to public records requests as slowly and expensively as the law allows, a stark contrast with his campaign pledge to increase transparency in state government. The governor answered by saying he plans to make more records available online.


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