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Flood of support is overwhelming

I hear a lot of complaints about Baker County. You could make a list to fill this page, I am told. But right now don’t tell me any of them.

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An ‘apple’ that will starve us

Dear Editor:

Back when the Democrat-controlled Congress was set to pass The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for Obama’s signature, I wrote a letter to the editorial page of The Florida Times-Union complaining about this undoing of our freedom.

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Obamacare will level payment field

The federal healthcare exchange, the center piece of so-called Obamacare, went live this week and guess what? Nothing really changed for most people.

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Do we want to be a ‘football’ district?

Last week the newspaper published a story detailing how Baker High’s football coach and the county school superintendent turned what was initially a foolhardy misuse of a school district credit card to buy booze at a restaurant into a much more serious transgression.

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