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US 90 & I-10 claims more lives

Perhaps the most irritating aspect of being in the news business (other than hand blisters from opening fan mail) is having to monitor emergency scanners.

It’s not as annoying as in the past when all the police traffic chattered in the background. Now it’s mostly confined to fire and rescue, and news organizations naturally have to keep an ear on the scanner for things like serious accidents and large fires.

Over the years we’ve grown accustomed to a call that goes something like this: Sanderson rescue and Station 70 — accident with injuries; US 90 and I-10.

When that comes over the air, it’s a cinch we’re not the only ones thinking, “Here we go again.”

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Will commissioners keep their campaign pledges?

Dear Editor:

In October 2012 I called every Baker County commission candidate  to ask two direct questions. The first: “How do you feel about sand mining in Baker County?” The second: “If elected, how will you vote on the matter?”

Every candidate said he was against sand mining in Baker County.  They all answered the second question with a resounding “No.”

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‘Shifting sands’ of Oldcastle

Dear Editor:

Weathermen and sand miners. I’ve always asserted that if you wanted to hear a good falsehood to just listen to a weatherman’s report.
Seems of late one could also listen to sand mining companies and/or their representatives. Or better yet, read their propaganda conveniently mailed to us.

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Where have all the ‘heroes’ gone?

I read a very interesting article this week about the Aaron Hernandez story. Hernandez, as you probably know, is the former Gator and New England Patriot tight end accused of murdering a member of his entourage two weeks ago and a person of interest in other shootings.

Jason Whitlock, the often controversial ESPN columnist, made an interesting point tying the Hernandez shootings to a fundamental change in our culture.

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