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Draining acquifer: are we next?

Dear Editor:

Oldcastle Southern first said they needed to pump some 70 million gallons of water from our aquifer. Later, they said they would “recycle” 90% of it. Then they said 800,000 gallons of waste water (from Macclenny) would suffice.

Now they threaten to sue.

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Chamber stingy with invitations

Dear Editor:

I saw a posting on Facebook August 19 about Ander Crenshaw holding a small business roundtable at the Chamber of Commerce to discuss small business concerns. Since I know several local small business owners, I began contacting them, but none of them were aware of or invited to the roundtable despite them being members of the Chamber of Commerce.

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The many ways to gauge your age(s)

How old are you?

Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. I’m not asking you to Facebook me with your age or drop me a note. I’m just making a point because my wife just had a birthday.

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Open houses: earlier, later in day

By Jessica Prevatt

I just returned from the first of two open houses I have to attend two days before the start of school. As a working mother I am having to take off twice and eat lunch at my desk to get my children to their appointed schools for open house. I consider myself lucky because unlike parents who work in Jacksonville, I work in Macclenny and am able to take off to attend events such as this.

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