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What to do about that ‘statue’

Here’s a funny story. If you’re a Jaguar fan you know who Shad Khan is. The owner of the team.  Rich.  Great moustache.

Khan, who emigrated to the US from Pakistan when he was a kid, is also a soccer fan. So what do rich guys who are sports fans do? They buy teams.

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Up close and personal with Miss Florida

I must say I was up to my sash in beauty pageants this past weekend. I’m not a beauty pageant kind of guy, but I might as well have been.

As “guy in charge” of all things technical at the high school auditorium, I set up the lights and sound for the Forestry Pageant. Meanwhile, a couple of hundred miles away, a much bigger pageant was going on that I was following with great interest.

My wife Kelley and son Spencer were in St. Petersburg for the Miss Florida pageant. Girls from all over the state were vying for the title of Miss Florida and a chance to represent the state at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City in September.

So, why do I have a dog in this hunt?

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Volunteers were truly ‘All-Stars’

Dear Editor:

Baker County Little League just finished up 2 ½ weeks of hosting All-Star softball teams from all over north and central Florida, in both district and sectional tournaments.

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Kudos for approving zip line park idea

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve heard from adults and children alike about Baker County is its lack of fun, family-friendly activities.

It usually sounds something like this: “Why don’t we have a movie theatre or a bowling alley? It’s no wonder our kids get into mischief, there’s no skating rink or go-karts.”

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