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Local business first

Dear Editor:

I feel compelled to write in response to the Reader Sparked column in last week’s edition.

I am the mother who wrote the question as to why the high school continues to use Cady & Cady Studios for [Baker High] yearbook photos. Myself and others have used them in the past because we thought we had to. I found this company to be unprofessional and very expensive when my son graduated in 2009.

We all want local business to support our athletes, FFA programs, band and other school functions. It makes you feel like a hypocrite to ask local merchants to support these endeavors when we as parents won’t stand up and say, when possible, keep our spending local to help support the local economy that we depend on to support our youth programs. That makes a lot more sense than sending it to other counties for a shoddy job.

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Couldn’t pick up the cat

Dear Editor:

Why is it that politicians can spend into the millions of dollars to get my vote, but will not appropriate funding for a state program? Last time I checked we citizens are the employers of public officials. We vote them in and pay their ridiculous salaries.

Case in point: I had a few stray cats in my neighborhood, and yes, they were a nuisance and a pain. But do they not have any rights?

One of these stray cats landed at my front door seriously injured. I called Baker County animal control, and was not surprised when told that  limited funding would not allow these fine woman and men to come to my home and assist the injured cat.


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Recalling the terror of a twister

When I was in the sixth grade, a small tornado crossed over our home in the country.

There were no weather advisories in those days, nothing that warned you of approaching danger except a corner of the sky that might suddenly deepen into a demonic shade of bluish-black.

It was mid-summer. I don’t remember much about the hours before the storm except that things seemed perfectly normal. The sun was shining. Chickens scratched and pecked in the sandy soil under the four peach trees inside their fenced yard next to the barn. Our three horses lazily grazed in the pasture while our dogs, Shortie and Archie, were simply hanging out, sniffing about, doing whatever dogs do.

Mom called us in for lunch about noon and when the sky began to grow dark, didn’t let us go back out.

As the wind picked up, she went to the windows several times, watching the clouds. Although she said nothing, she looked  worried. The sky grew even blacker and the wind blew harder, gusting crazily around the house. When Archie and Shortie began barking and whining outside, Mom opened the door and they shot in like bullets.

At that moment the wind began to roar in a strange way and the entire house shifted on its foundation. Alarmed, she stepped outside, just for a moment, struggling to hold onto the door knob. The world beyond the open door now glowed with a weird greenish hue. A sudden volley of hail swept the yard, then a wall of rain blew across horizontally. Mom bolted back in, shouting as she slammed the door.

“It’s a twister! Get away from the windows!”

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$10 seating on field ridiculous

Dear Editor:

A child has a high school graduation just one time. It should be enjoyable.

Since 60 percent of our taxes go to the school system, parents should not have to pay $10 each to sit on the field (at Memorial Stadium) to see their children graduate. Taxes paid for the football field.

Some of us are not able to get up and down the stadium steps very well. This is a shame and disgrace for a money-hungry administration.

Many changes are needed to improve the failing school system and bring it to what it should be, and until the administration changes there will never be any changes in the system. There is  too much “good ole boy” politics.

No one at the high school could tell me what this money (the $10 to sit on the field) is used for. I just got the “deer in the headlights” look.

Francis Burnsed of Sanderson

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