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New Trek films rival the classics

Back when I was in junior high school, NBC aired Star Trek for the first time. I was a huge science fiction fan, but most of what passed for television science fiction was junk like Land of the Giants and Lost in Space. The only things worth seeing up to that point had been Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Imagine my shock when I watched the first episode of Star Trek and saw a thoughtful show that was well acted and not filled with too many cheesy monsters and even cheesier villains. I was hooked.

I still am, and am pleased to say that Star Trek Into Darkness lives up to its hype and pedigree. Once again, director J.J. Abrams has created an appealing, well-acted, and very exciting new edition to the Star Trek lexicon.

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Verizon responds to queries about snooping

I’m a big fan of the CBS drama Person of Interest in which a giant super-computer operated by some shadowy government agency like the National Security Agency (NSA) charts every piece of communication that floats out into cyberspace via the Internet or cell phones or security cameras.

I also wondered from time to time whether such a thing was real. Wonder no more.

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Disagrees that GOP is ‘divisive’

Dear Editor:

I have been a Republican my entire life and a member of the Baker County Republican Party the last several years. I have watched with great pride as our local party grew from about 10 people at meetings to an average of 35-40.
I was surprised and disappointed that Joel Addington insinuated that we are “divisive” and “extreme” based on the opinion of one person. As with any group, political or otherwise, people come and go for a variety of reasons personal and professional.

Republicans believe in school prayer, a strong national defense, limited government and a balanced budget. We believe that government at all levels should not squander tax dollars. We believe Omamacare should be repealed and our border should be closed. We believe that life begins at conception and that we have a constitutional right to bear arms.

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Dumb ways lawbreakers get caught

File this column away in the “D’ya ever notice?” folder.

I’ve been writing, and many of you have been reading, what the business used to call the “police blotter” for more years than, well, more years than many of you readers have been alive.

Hometown crime has evolved somewhat over those decades. Now if you beat your wife, it isn’t “your business” anymore. Illegal substances people are caught with have transformed from moonshine to methamphetamine. In fact, I’ve seen more moonshine at Christmas parties than I ever saw seized by the authorities.

One constant remains and it has to do with what we’ll term “lack of foresight” when it comes to stupid things lawbreakers do to get themselves caught. Helping police do their job, if you will.

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