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Will commissioners keep their campaign pledges?

Dear Editor:

In October 2012 I called every Baker County commission candidate  to ask two direct questions. The first: “How do you feel about sand mining in Baker County?” The second: “If elected, how will you vote on the matter?”

Every candidate said he was against sand mining in Baker County.  They all answered the second question with a resounding “No.”

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‘Shifting sands’ of Oldcastle

Dear Editor:

Weathermen and sand miners. I’ve always asserted that if you wanted to hear a good falsehood to just listen to a weatherman’s report.
Seems of late one could also listen to sand mining companies and/or their representatives. Or better yet, read their propaganda conveniently mailed to us.

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Where have all the ‘heroes’ gone?

I read a very interesting article this week about the Aaron Hernandez story. Hernandez, as you probably know, is the former Gator and New England Patriot tight end accused of murdering a member of his entourage two weeks ago and a person of interest in other shootings.

Jason Whitlock, the often controversial ESPN columnist, made an interesting point tying the Hernandez shootings to a fundamental change in our culture.

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Lawmakers likened to ‘rear guard’ generals

More random jottings of a troubled mind.

Stuff is constantly rattling around in my head that isn’t fully formed enough to make a full column but certainly merits mentioned because of its general oddness.

• Speaking of general oddness, let’s throw a shout in the direction of the Florida Legislature. Our lawmakers in their infinite wisdom continue to tinker with public education.

Full disclosure: I am a school teacher and have been most of my life. Being on the front lines, we foot soldiers battling ignorance have a pretty decent idea of what works and what doesn’t.

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