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Why was sex case front page worthy?

Dear Editor:

Recently, I was shocked and saddened to read headlines of an article in The Baker County Press written by the news editor, stating that a local city commission candidate had been tagged as a “… Candidate target of dismissed sex case …”

Wow! What is it with these guys?

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Marital woes were gratuitous

Dear Editor:

I was sorry to read that Terry Brown had to resign as the Baker County Commission’s attorney after twenty-five years because of health reasons. It was unnecessary to include information in the article about his ex-wife, their marital problems and divorce proceedings.

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The fleeting ‘hipness’ of older age

I have lost my hipness.

I once thought I was relatively hip. In fact, many of my students were amazed that I listened to – or at least knew – some of the bands they liked.

That is still the case in many respects. You can still find some pretty hip stuff on my iPod, but as a general rule my hipness left with my eyesight and good knees. I am now a bifocal wearing, arthritic non-hipster.

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Fatal testing flaw: outcomes are never ‘equal’

Permit me to add to Joel Addington’s comments in last week’s edition on the mish-mash that is Florida’s school grading and student testing system.

Back in those college years, I recall the second semester of political science course (my major) when I received a D after getting a B in the first section. After the first semester, using the reasoning powers of a typical 19-year-old, I figured the second phase would be a snap. So I attended class (shall we say?) infrequently.

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