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Kudos for approving zip line park idea

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve heard from adults and children alike about Baker County is its lack of fun, family-friendly activities.

It usually sounds something like this: “Why don’t we have a movie theatre or a bowling alley? It’s no wonder our kids get into mischief, there’s no skating rink or go-karts.”

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Praise for little league volunteers

Dear Editor:

Baker County Little League just finished up 2 ½ weeks of hosting All-Star softball teams from all over north and central Florida, in both district and sectional tournaments.

Fans, coaches and players’ parents from those teams had high praise for the remarkable successful completion of more than thirty games, despite nine inches of rain including the remnants of a tropical storm that made the fields a boggy quagmire of clay.

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Why do people bother me with Facebook games?

Bing. PrincessLeia66 needs you to gift her a grain silo in Farmville.

Shamaramalama Level 26 needs you to gift her a Grecian Statue in Gardens of Time.

Michelleboinkadoink is stuck on Level 12 of Pet Rescue and needs your help to get Fluffy the Cat out of a tree.

Who are these people and why are they bothering me?

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US 90 & I-10 claims more lives

Perhaps the most irritating aspect of being in the news business (other than hand blisters from opening fan mail) is having to monitor emergency scanners.

It’s not as annoying as in the past when all the police traffic chattered in the background. Now it’s mostly confined to fire and rescue, and news organizations naturally have to keep an ear on the scanner for things like serious accidents and large fires.

Over the years we’ve grown accustomed to a call that goes something like this: Sanderson rescue and Station 70 — accident with injuries; US 90 and I-10.

When that comes over the air, it’s a cinch we’re not the only ones thinking, “Here we go again.”

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