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Why Gravelle allegations were worthy of print

Politics in Baker County is a blood sport, or so they say.

It’s certainly possible last week’s story about sexual battery allegations against city commission candidate Kirk Gravelle, who was not prosecuted for the alleged crime 10 years ago, were brought to our attention for political ends.

Some may be wondering why this story was published at all.

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Why was sex case front page worthy?

Dear Editor:

Recently, I was shocked and saddened to read headlines of an article in The Baker County Press written by the news editor, stating that a local city commission candidate had been tagged as a “… Candidate target of dismissed sex case …”

Wow! What is it with these guys?

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Marital woes were gratuitous

Dear Editor:

I was sorry to read that Terry Brown had to resign as the Baker County Commission’s attorney after twenty-five years because of health reasons. It was unnecessary to include information in the article about his ex-wife, their marital problems and divorce proceedings.

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The fleeting ‘hipness’ of older age

I have lost my hipness.

I once thought I was relatively hip. In fact, many of my students were amazed that I listened to – or at least knew – some of the bands they liked.

That is still the case in many respects. You can still find some pretty hip stuff on my iPod, but as a general rule my hipness left with my eyesight and good knees. I am now a bifocal wearing, arthritic non-hipster.

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