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Unpaved road not kept up

Dear Editor:

I am really tired of opinions of some people when it comes to dirt roads in this county. Read More »

Family ‘stories’ often plastered on door of refrigerator

The other day I was going to make a sandwich and when I went to open the refrigerator I had to move five or six things out of the way before I could get into it. I scratched my head and wondered when refrigerators became family art galleries. Read More »

Letter: Grieved by litter on roads

Dear Editor:

I’m grieved at how we don’t keep Baker County clean and don’t take pride in our roadsides that area littered with plastic Walmart and Winn Dixie bags.  Read More »

Texas, California could mimic Scots

Here’s an interesting thing that is happening on Thursday that has all of us with Scottish blood flowing through our veins very interested. Voters across Scotland will cast their ballots for independence from Great Britain. Read More »

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