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Press Podcast – Episode 8

It's been cold outside, so why not stay warm indoors with Episode 8 of the Press Podcast? Managing editor Joel Addington and sports editor Jon Shumake are back to discuss the biggest stories from the latest edition of The Baker County Press, including the ongoing budget crisis, the Martin Luther King Day celebration at Heritage Park and the BCHS Lady Wildcat weightlifting team's dominance. A moving piece from Pastor Videll Williams' keynote speech at the MLK event is included about midway through.

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Press Podcast – Episode 7

Didn't win the Powerball? Don't worry, neither did managing editor Joel Addington or sports editor Jon Shumake, who are back with Episode 7 of the Press Podcast. They discuss the biggest news in this week's edition of The Baker County Press, including the Crooked Rooster Brewery, possible business developments, Delicia Washington's All American nomination and BCHS head football coach Jamie Rodgers' welcome reception. The entirety of coach Rodgers' first public address as head coach is included at the end of the podcast.

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Will someone pull the country back in the right direction?

All who pay attention to current events are aware of national polling that shows a healthy majority (75 percent in a December CNN survey) of Americans of all political persuasions are fed up with the direction the country is taking on matters both domestic and foreign. Read More »

Is the world, or am I, crazy?

One of two things is happening.

Either the world is getting crazier, or I am.

It’s a tossup. It could go either way. Read More »

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