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Halt to impact fees short-sighted

I understand the logic for local governments halting or eliminating impact fees for new development. It’s just near-sighted, and maybe faulty, logic.

Nonetheless, it’s happening. Read More »

Trump resembles ‘Grumpy Cat’

Random thoughts from the pre-Halloween weekend.

√ I watched Donald Trump on television at the Jacksonville Landing and came to a couple of conclusions. Trump is the political version of Grumpy Cat. Think about that the next time you see him. Actually, now that I’ve mentioned it, I dare you not to think of it. Read More »

As IRS targets tax-free ICE jail bonds, what about us?

The cash-strapped Baker Correctional Development Corporation, the non-profit owning and operating the new jail, now possibly has another entity to worry about other than nervous bondholders who may be looking at the county to replenish a diminished reserve fund.

That would be the IRS. Read More »

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