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How we got here in the gay marriage debate

A week’s gone by, and a week is a long time in the “news cycle” universe. The media is relaxing a bit on its fixation with gay marriage, a passion lit by the recent deadline after which the state’s temporary ban was lifted and gay couples were free to openly marry. Read More »

Satire is a key element of free speech

Over the course of the twenty-odd (some of them very odd) years that I’ve been doing this column I’ve probably offended every political, religious and affinity group in existence. I never set out to offend people I just think folks take themselves way too seriously. Read More »

Letter: Jesus was stolen from his manger

Dear Editor:

This is the first letter I have ever written to a publication. Given that I am sure you understand how important this subject is to me and I ask that the following be printed in hopes the item is returned. Read More »

Reticent clerks should do jobs without bias

Dear Editor:

Although I consider myself an agnostic, I hold many beliefs in moral and social laws to be true and just. I believe in the Ten Commandments; I believe in the Golden Rule.  Read More »

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