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Softball field built without Little League funds

Dear Editor:

Twenty-plus years ago I was head of the Baker County girls’ softball league with 16-plus teams. The problem we had then was the girls had only one field to play on and we shared it with the church groups and the men’s softball. That gave us only Saturdays to play. Read More »

Letter: Don’t re-open Tracey

Dear Editor:

As a long-time resident of the Cuyler community I would like to voice my strong opposition to the plans of Harvest Baptist Church of Jacksonville to re-open Camp Tracey as a counseling facility for adult drug addicts and alcoholics. Read More »

Pick up lunch tab at school

Dear Editor:

I have been troubled by the situation in our schools and children in our county going without food. I know it is not just a school lunch situation, but a lot of our children have no food at home. The one and only meal they might get is the lunch at school.

Read More »

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