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Recalls early days of drama

I was looking over some historical notes on the Baxter Rebellion that Andy Harrell’s dad Luther (the longtime extension director here) had collected. The Baxter Rebellion is a little known and best forgotten part of Baker County history that I used in my production Baker County, Fla. 1861-1961 produced as part of the county Sesquicentennial. It got me to thinking about how much the county has changed in the time that I’ve known it. Read More »

Letter: Chamber a money pit?

Dear Editor:

Our county is in dire straits financially. With an expected deficit of almost $2.5 million (Press 6/25/15) our county commissioners are facing some tough decisions.  Read More »

Lettes: Lincoln was a racist and war criminal

Dear Editor:

By the time Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, took office in March 1861, seven southern states had already seceded: South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. If South Carolina’s secession meant anything, it could not permit the federal government to maintain a military fort on its soil. Read More »

The faux furor over the flag

It’s probably not been the best week for this old boy.

I hold no feud with diversity, with dissent or with political views that stray far from where mine have settled in six-plus decades on earth. We live under a representative republic form of government (no, it’s not a “democracy”), and that presupposes we’ll work things out in our own time, with our own time-honored institutions. Except, of course, the U.S. Supreme Court that last week decided its role is to make laws rather than interpret them. Read More »

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