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Is it me, or is this world getting weirder and weirder

I’m convinced as I get older that one of two things is happening. Either the world is getting weirder or I am. I’m not sure which. I suppose it just depends on who you ask. Read More »

Impressed with ‘Choo-Choo’ town

I spent the end of last week in a location I never would have considered a vacation hotbed, but it is definitely a place worth visiting again and again. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read More »

Mrs. Daniels: lessons still resound

Remember that teacher you heard all the rumors about and prayed hard when the enrollments came out you weren’t on her list? Clemmytee Daniels was one of those teachers. Students who attended Central Elementary or Westside Elementary remember well who I’m writing about. She was the stuff of legends for students. Reflecting back I realize she was one of the best teachers of my school career, and I had some great ones over my school years. Read More »

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