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Letter: Monfort needed prodding

Dear Editor:

I attended the Code Enforcement meeting on August 10 and would like to clarify my concerns. At no time did I state that no action was taken when I contacted County Manager C.J. Thompson; each time I contacted him, animal control has been spurred into action. Read More »

Letter: Favors stormwater fee

Dear Editor:

Don’t increase taxes. How about a storm water fee on every building/structure in the county say, $20 a year with no exceptions. For too long some groups get a free ride; it’s time for the commission to stop pandering. Read More »

Toon: Tossed

By Ed Hall

By Ed Hall

Six hours to answer test with 66 questions?

It was the kind of newspaper article that’ll make you spit out your Cheerios (for those of you who still get a morning newspaper, the brand of cereal isn’t important — spitting Raisin Bran will do just fine). Read More »

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