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ESPN’s college football rankings are SEC-entric

It’s been a while since I’ve done a sports column and this past Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours watching the talking heads at ESPN trying to make all happy about the first college football playoff rankings. They were doing their best trying to explain why undefeated teams like Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State and Iowa were left out of the mix and one-loss teams like Alabama and LSU were in it. The answer was basically, they were SEC teams and deserved it more.

Which made sense to the ESPN analysts and gave me this column. Read More »

Commercializing of Veterans Day lamented

Dear Editor:

Today, we see ads for Veterans Day sales, just like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Presidents Day and so on. The US Congress and the mass media writers, owners, advertisement buyers and retail stores have gotten their way; they use certain pinnacle events that affected this country by replacing them with a blockbuster sales day by a promotion to increase their hunger for buying things. Read More »

Williams arrival timely with manager search ongoing

The Baker County Commission, starving for a break after another agonizing season of putting together an annual budget with scant resources, may have gotten one with the retirement of a veteran county manager in neighboring Columbia County. Read More »

Underwhelmed by shoe talk


Ah, shoes.

I don’t really understand the allure of shoes. There are athletes with over 200 pairs of gym shoes. Some celebrities have a thousand pairs of shoes. You’d have to build a room onto your house to hold them all.

I don’t get the attraction. Read More »

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