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Public’s anger is reflected by help in Barton arrests

The sorry saga of Lonna Lauramore-Barton, her husband Chris Barton, her boyfriend William Ebron Jr. and her 21-month old son Lonzie, who hasn’t been seen for two months, continues. Read More »

How candidate ‘Bob’ would handle the press

After watching both of the opening rounds of the Republican debates I’m pondering yet another run at the presidency. I know, after three unsuccessful bids what makes me think that this time will be the charm?

Have you seen these people? Read More »

Past bear hunts aided the species

Dear Editor:

I recently looked at the cartoon by Ed Hall about the upcoming bear hunts scheduled by the game commission and was a little confused by the meaning. Read More »

Would you look at the time? It differs between sexes

The difference between men and women Part 418 - Man time versus Woman time.

There is a definite difference in the way men treat time and women treat time. Here’s what I mean. Read More »

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