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Unlike us, timeless music sticks around

Hey, you know what you ought to do for Broadway in Baker this year? 80s music. Hey, you know what you ought to do for Broadway in Baker this year? 90s music. Read More »

It’s prime time to begin planning a revamp of county fire

It’s not exactly what the county commission needed to hear last week during its ongoing quest to slash away at spending in 2015-16, but it’s looking like we’re headed to a crisis point when it comes to county-wide fire protection. Read More »

Jogging the memories of youth

Memory is a peculiar, evasive thing. It allows you to remember certain things while blocking others. There’s probably some divine purpose in that, I’m just not sure what it is. Read More »

Letter: Lauds kindness shown husband at graduation

Dear Editor:

On May 29, 2016, our oldest grandson graduated (from BCHS). My husband suffered a major stroke in October and is wheelchair-bound with paralysis on his right side. I had also been diagnosed with shingles the day before, but we were not going to miss this wonderful event.

We got to the stadium early and the parking was atrocious. I ended up parking on U.S. 90 and pushing him to the stadium, through the sand, etc. I was frustrated and about to give up when a man came up and offered to help. This man pushed my husband through the grass and sand and on to the field. I found out later his name is Charles Ruise.

He stayed with us, while searching for someone to let us know where handicapped seating was located. A very nice school district employee (sorry, I can’t remember her name) showed us where we needed to be, which included going back through the grass and sand to get there.

That did not stop Mr. Ruise nor this sweet lady! They got a few strong men and lifted my husband and his wheelchair to where we were to go. Then, this sweet woman stayed with us until she got another school employee to get me a chair and checked on us periodically.

The kindness shown in this small county has always touched my heart and last night was no exception. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were able to watch Samuel Baker graduate!

Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

Kathleen A. Johnson

Glen St. Mary

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