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Letter: It’s time to stop those who re-write history

Dear Editor:

I recently returned from the beautiful North Carolina mountains having enjoyed nice cool weather. When I got home, I hastily opened all my mail and read my last two editions of The Press. I saw where the usual spouse beatings, robberies, break-ins, tire iron-hurling, and meth cooking had occurred, and another story looked like a flashback to years ago. Read More »

Letter: Offended? Then leave

Dear Editor:

To those determined to change or do away with Southern history, heritage and tradition because it offends them, I say on behalf of many that I-95 and I-75 both go north.

I promise that you won’t be missed.

Mike Rowe


Guest column: Civil War not only about slaves

By Walker Blanton PhD


The excess of political correctness is overdone to the point that there is virtually nothing that doesn’t offend someone. The “P.C.ers” are currently piling on the South. There was the (Nathan Bedford) Forrest flap, then the battle flag flap, and now the mural flap. Read More »

Odd similarities in beverage containers for adults, children

“How many of these sippy cups do you have?”

“What are you talking about,” wife Kelley said as I stood in the kitchen looking at yet another sippy cup.

“These big plastic cups with the lids on them. That’s what they are you know. Adult sippy cups.” I plopped down in my chair in the living room. Read More »

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