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Letter: Like family at Fraser

Dear Editor:

We hear so much negative news today, even about our hometown hospital where they do indeed treat you like family. Read More »

Letter: Home business locations need modifying by LPA

Dear Editor:

In response to the article regarding the action taken by the LPA against home businesses. I would like each of the members of that board to realize that the majority of the residents of Baker County are less fortunate financially than they are. Read More »

Mural’s about as racist as slavery was social security

A couple of weeks ago one of the most viewed and talked about posts on social media was a history book from the 1960’s and screen shots of some of the pages. The pages from the book, which was the adopted history text for Alabama schools, discussed slavery. Read More »

Letter: Attention-hungry lawyer sees hatred where it isn’t

Dear Editor:

It is astonishing, even in our warped world, that Gene Barber is being harshly criticized today by people who have never met him, never visited our community, and never laid eyes on the courthouse mural – all because of a media-hungry law firm from Jacksonville. Read More »

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