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Crazy politicos, parents and Texans

Do people seem crazier than they were 10 years ago?

That’s probably not true; there were more than enough crazy people a decade ago, but  the rise of social media has made it more noticeable.  Read More »

Recalls early days of drama

I was looking over some historical notes on the Baxter Rebellion that Andy Harrell’s dad Luther (the longtime extension director here) had collected. The Baxter Rebellion is a little known and best forgotten part of Baker County history that I used in my production Baker County, Fla. 1861-1961 produced as part of the county Sesquicentennial. It got me to thinking about how much the county has changed in the time that I’ve known it. Read More »

Letter: Chamber a money pit?

Dear Editor:

Our county is in dire straits financially. With an expected deficit of almost $2.5 million (Press 6/25/15) our county commissioners are facing some tough decisions.  Read More »

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