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Six hours to answer test with 66 questions?

It was the kind of newspaper article that’ll make you spit out your Cheerios (for those of you who still get a morning newspaper, the brand of cereal isn’t important — spitting Raisin Bran will do just fine). Read More »

Changing norms of the ‘selfie’culture

My wife and I were discussing the Republican presidential debate on Friday morning while she made muffins. She went to sleep halfway through the debate and I was giving her the wrap-up. Read More »

Re-visit of BCDC debt long overdue

One could argue it should have happened five years ago when it first became apparent that the county’s deal with Baker County Development Corporation [the “ICE” jail] would dwindle down its bountiful cash reserve fund from around $16 million to a quarter of that today. Read More »

Forget debates, let candidates feud

The first Republican presidential debates start this week and it is already steeped in controversy. The crowded field of candidates, currently numbering 17, are jockeying for position on the Fox News stage in Cleveland. Read More »

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