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Attacks a neighbor for noise from firing range

Cops-ag battery FlambeauA state corrections officer was arrested the late afternoon of May 6 for beating a neighbor who was shooting on his backyard firing range when the accused said he was trying to sleep. Read More »

Final three sentencings by feds for meth ring

The last series of defendants in a federal methamphetamine trafficking case dubbed “Operation Summer Ice” have been sentenced in recent months, including a man from the St. George, GA area who will spend two decades in prison after being convicted at trial in late April. Read More »

Warning citations for code enforcement deemed successful

The county’s Code Enforcement Board declared a handful of properties in violation of  codes prohibiting refuse, inoperable vehicles or mobile homes in disrepair the evening of May 11, in addition to approving the continued use of an administrative citation, which gives violators more time for corrective action before their cases reach the panel.  Read More »

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