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Acquitted on felony gun charge



A six-member jury took just over five minutes following a day-long trial on October 15 to acquit a Lake City man on a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Read More »

Impact fees nixed for next two years in Macclenny

Less than two months after impact fees on new growth in Macclenny were suspended under a moratorium for 60 days, city commissioners voted last week to extend the fee waiver for another 24 months. Read More »

Synthetic drugs easy to order, dangerous to users

They’re easy to order, their makeup and effects are unpredictable and they don’t show up on most drug tests.

They have many names — K2, spice, molly, bath salts — and they mimic the effects of more well known street drugs like methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana. That’s because, chemically speaking, they are derivatives of the active ingredients in those drugs. Read More »

City denies liquor sales; lawsuit is likely over unused license

The Macclenny Zoning Adjustment Board this week denied an application for a special zoning exception to allow Smoker Friendly, a beer, wine and tobacco products retailer on South 6th St., to sell packaged liquor products. Read More »

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