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Arrested for tirade in pharmacy after prescription not filled

Cops-attempted burglary

James Simpson

The sheriff’s department filed multiple charges against a north county man who went berserk at the Macclenny Walgreen Pharmacy the afternoon of July 13 when informed his prescription would not be filled.

Store employees told Deputy Tony Norman that James Simpson, 40, of Sanderson cursed loudly and swept merchandise off shelves about 5:30 when a pharmacist insisted she needed permission from his physician to dispense an unspecified medication.

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Listen to the Press’ interview with new county fire chief

Baker County Fire Chief Steven Marfongella.

Baker County Fire Chief Steven Marfongella.

The Press‘ managing editor Joel Addington sat down with the county’s new fire chief Steven Marfongella on July 9 at his office for interview to learn more about the man behind the fire helmet.

Click the link below to listen to full 30-minute interview, the highlights of which will be published in the print edition of The Baker County Press. The file takes about a minute to load.

Marfongella interview

Meet county fire chief Steven Marfongella

The county’s new fire chief doesn’t come from a family of firefighters. He attributes his interest in the field to a childhood fascination with his uncle’s model antique fire engines.

“I was always attracted to them, but I couldn’t touch them,” said Steven Marfongella, 44, during an interview with The Press the morning of July 9, after less than two weeks on the job.

At 12 years old  he joined a fire service explorers group at school. After that, he says, “it got into the blood.”

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Drug house raided in eastern county

Carol Parker

Carol Parker

Sheriff’s deputies descended on a residence on D. E. Long Dr. near Macclenny the afternoon of July 9 and arrested an occupant on numerous felony and misdemeanor drug possession counts.

The raid was the result of an undercover buy conducted at the address in June.
Investigator Matt Yarborough said Carol Parker, 22, of Macclenny was arrested following a search of a bedroom where she had been staying off and on.

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